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Grow your wealth and finance your property

With so many choices out there, investing can be complex. But, with Priority Banking’s holistic wealth care approach, your relationship team will help you with solutions that best fit your goals, risk profile and life stage.

Wealth Solutions


    Unit trusts give you affordable access to a wide variety of assets to match your risk profile and financial goals


    Standard Chartered offers you greater access to bonds in multiple currencies at a minimum amount of US$50,000 or its equivalent* so you can diversify your portfolio


    Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity, to pay for your child’s education overseas, or an international business venture, this account is the perfect answer.


    Standard Chartered’s Premium Currency Investment is a dual-currency investment that gives you more control with potentially higher returns


    Standard Chartered was the first bank in Malaysia to offer you this dual investment involving both USD and gold, giving you the opportunity for potentially higher returns.


    Capitalise on stock movements* with Premium Equity-Linked Investments. At the start of the investment, just select a stock at a pre-agreed stock purchase price or strike.


    Standard Chartered offers a wide range of Structured Investments to suit your financial goals and appetite for risk


    Lets you capture market opportunities regardless of market environment with a hassle-free 12-month unit trust investment plan

Wealth Management

Management your wealth

We are aware that the success of our management lies fundamentally in the knowledge of the investor profile of our clients and in the proposal of innovative and competitive investment solutions.

Investment philosophy

Since its founding, Swiss Finance Bank has been dedicated to managing assets based on its investment philosophy in the preservation of capital and in obtaining sustainable and consistent profitability in the medium and long-term.

These more than 85 years of experience have allowed us to progressively improve our management style, based on our own methodology that includes 5 phases of action:

  • A thorough study of the profile of the investor and the needs of the client
  • Definition of management objectives
  • Development and definition of the investment strategy
  • Implementation and implementation of investments
  • Monitoring and control of results

Our ambition is to reach excellence in service. We are aware that the success of our management lies fundamentally in the knowledge of the investor profile of our clients and in the proposal of innovative and competitive investment solutions that fit in with the strategy defined for each of our clients.

Estate planning

At Swiss Finance Bank, we are convinced that the key to our success as bankers is based on proper estate planning. We help our clients to design the management strategy that best suits their needs.

The design of these strategies is determined by:

  1. Optimization of the portfolio profile and heritage diversity considering the specific characteristics of each client. This question is fundamental for professionals who are dedicated to art, sports or clients with large patrimonial growths. At Swiss Finance Bank each client is unique, so for us, it is especially important to define in a unique way the patrimonial planning of each client according to their particular characteristics.
  2. Choice of financial products that guarantee maximum profitability taking into account applicable taxation. The profitability of an investment is also determined by the taxation to which the yield obtained is subject. But not only the fiscal impact (tax rate) must be considered, but also the time in which it is subject to taxation.
  3. Succession planning that adapts to the true wishes of the client: assistance in the preparation of wills that guarantee trunk reservations or preparation of preventive powers.

At Swiss Finance Bank we know that in the definition of a succession plan there are many variables to take into account, such as the strong affective load it entails or its direct relationship with civil law and tax regulations. These two issues have a direct impact on the path that the client is defining for that succession. For that reason, we believe that the definition of a succession plan is fundamental that is led by experts in the field.